AAA and Gay Marriage -- the hits keep on coming.

Not long ago we wrote that that AAA (aka CSAA) tried to get our clients, men living together for a very long time, to reveal their spousal communications. In other words, pillow talk. The good news is that in California the law says married people don't have to reveal pillow talk. The bad news is people like my clients could not get married until pretty recently. You knew that, right? AAA? Not so much.

We spend our days suing insurance companies, so we have a somewhat jaded view of their intentions. But in this case we figured hey, we'll point out the problem, and they'll back off, because the stuff they're after has very little to do with the lawsuit and, well, who wants to be the one in court insisting that unmarried men who have lived together forever have fewer rights to privacy than the rest of us married people.

We were wrong.

AAA has doubled down, insisting it is right, and asking a court to rule that our clients have to sit across a table from AAA's lawyers and talk about their most intimate conversations--their finances, their living arrangements, their plans and habits and so on. Read it and weep.

We're confident the court is going to agree with us. We should have more in ten days or so. Stay tuned.