After a Fire, Protect Your Rights, Reduce Headaches, Get Help!

Fire strikes. Your house and things are lost. Insurance is supposed to soften the blow. Right?

Wrong. Insurance companies rarely make rebuilding easy.

It's a long, complicated process, with pitfalls created by insurers thinking about profits. All of which leads to extra stress at the worst possible time. Good news--there are ways to ease the pain, and increase your chances of making a full recovery.

First, call your insurance company as soon as hear about the loss. Don’t assume someone else will call the company for you.

Next, review your policy. If you don’t have a copy (people rarely do), request it from your insurance company. The policy is the only way to know what your insurer will pay.

Take pictures. If you have before photographs, make sure to preserve them. Take notes.

Your insurance company will likely ask you to examine the property. They will ask for an inventory of your possessions. This is no easy feat. Can you remember most of the stuff in your house? Did you remember to include grandma’s china? The insurance company will also ask you to value the items. How much is that china really worth?

The insurer is supposed to help you with all of this, but often they don't.

Meanwhile, you'll be living in a hotel, and managing your job, family obligations, and other life events. Not easy.

Keep in mind there is help available. Public Adjusters are licensed by the State of California to help you deal with your insurance company. They represent you, not the insurance company, so they can make sure you get the full amount under your policy.

Questions? Feel free to call.